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Will the kitchen with macro commercial kitchen equipment how to buy?

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Will the kitchen with macro commercial kitchen equipment how to buy?
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Now more and more people to look into the kitchen design decoration, kitchen design decoration is more important is the purchase of kitchen equipment, then the commercial kitchen equipment how to buy it? The following kitchen with a macro to introduce you to the kitchen equipment purchase principles.

the kitchen design decoration

Double - cylinder fryer

Kitchen equipment is generally divided into:

1, storage equipment, which is divided into food storage and utensil supplies storage of two parts. Food storage is divided into cold and non-cold storage, refrigeration is through the kitchen refrigerator, freezer and other equipment to achieve. Storage equipment is a variety of base cabinet, hanging cabinet, corner cabinet, multi-functional decorative cabinet.

2, washing equipment, including hot and cold water supply system, drainage equipment, wash basins, washing cabinets, etc., after washing the garbage generated in the kitchen operation should be set up trash or sanitary barrels, modern family kitchen should also be equipped Disinfection cabinet, food waste crusher and other equipment.

3, conditioning equipment, mainly conditioning the table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils.

4, cooking equipment, mainly stoves, stoves and cooking related tools and utensils. With the progress of the kitchen revolution, rice cookers, high-frequency induction cooker, microwave ovens, microwave ovens, also began a large number of people into the family.

the kitchen design decoration

Kitchen equipment purchase principle has the following points:

1, the principle of health: the kitchen equipment must have the ability to resist pollution, in particular, to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants and other contaminated food functions, in order to ensure the inherent quality of the entire kitchen equipment.

2, the principle of fire: kitchen equipment, the surface should have a fire capacity, the formal kitchen equipment manufacturer of kitchen equipment surface materials used all non-combustible, flame retardant materials.

Four gas flat head furnace with oven

3, the principle of convenience: the operation of the kitchen to have a reasonable process, the design of the kitchen equipment, according to the correct flow of the design of the various parts of the arrangement is very important for future ease of use. Then there is the height of the stove, the location of the hanging cabinet, etc., have a direct impact on the ease of use, to choose ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures of the kitchen equipment.

4, the principle of beauty: kitchen equipment requires not only modeling, color feast for the eyes, but also to be durable, so require a more easy to prevent pollution, good cleaning performance.

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