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Kitchen with macro information: energy-saving environmental protection kitchen equipment industry innovation direction

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Kitchen with macro information: energy-saving environmental protection kitchen equipment industry innovation direction
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In the current context of rapid economic development, commercial kitchen equipment industry is also undergoing rapid development, competition is heating up. In the Chinese market and the global market, in the current energy, resources, environmental and other multiple pressures, the kitchen equipment in the energy-saving, environmental protection, high-end direction. Energy saving and environmental protection kitchen equipment to become the main force of market competition, in this direction to the fierce competition in the market place.

Energy saving and environmental protection kitchen equipment


According to information, dust in China is the largest source of pollution, while the kitchen exhaust fumes has become the second largest source of pollution than vehicle exhaust emissions, we can see, kitchen fumes has become a source of pollution can not be underestimated. Statistics show that China's average annual consumption of edible oil per person up to 20.5 kg, the city is even greater, because most of the range hoods are straight-line type, smoke unrestricted into the air, directly on the atmosphere Resulting in pollution. Coupled with the widespread use of fossil fuels, emissions of aerosol form a haze in the city over the sky, filled in around us, as people fatal killer. Local cooking emissions account for 21% of hazardous organic compounds, exceeding emissions from vehicle exhaust. At the same time, the face of increasingly scarce energy, fuel prices are inevitable, the promotion of energy saving kitchen utensils is particularly important.

"Kitchen industry innovation is not only" high-tech, new quality, high service "innovation, but to have a faster and more quickly grasp the consumer demand and conversion needs of the strategic means, and ultimately return to the user base, The development of new pattern. "In the present circumstances, to speed up the development of kitchen and energy saving and environmental protection technology development and application of innovative kitchen utensils energy saving and environmental protection industry development model, optimize the kitchen utensils energy saving and environmental protection industry structure, energy saving and environmental protection of kitchen products to the people's life, Life energy consumption and living pollution, is the direction of innovation kitchenware industry.

With the national "commercial gas stove energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" standard implementation, the standard will be cooking gas cooking stoves, cooking gas stove and gas steamer energy efficiency rating is divided into three levels, 1 is the target value, Level 1 is the product of advanced and efficient products; 2 for the product evaluation of energy-saving value, to the value of energy-saving evaluation of the product is energy-saving products; 3 is the energy efficiency of the product limit is the minimum market access limit; The products of this indicator shall be banned for the production and sale of the products.

"Five years, we have been committed to the development of energy-saving stoves and innovation.Huiquan kitchen industry in conjunction Weihai new Zhengtong kitchen and domestic well-known colleges and universities developed a Golden Phoenix brand efficient energy-saving environmental protection series gas stove.Also boil 20L water, The stove is 6 minutes, our energy-saving stove is only 4.5 minutes.It is not only energy-saving and environmental protection, but also easy to operate, strong firepower, convenient maintenance and durable.It is the most cost-effective replacement product in the stove market. Three patented technology.Progress of its carbon monoxide emissions of 0.002% of harmful gases, only one-fifth of the national standard. "Shandong Huiquan kitchen bow so always introduced their new energy-saving products.

Intelligent steam oven

Improve the technology of commercial kitchen products, improve the market competitiveness of the products of combustion appliances with gas as energy, promote new ideas, new concepts and new technologies of energy saving and environmental protection, and promote the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction policies for gas burning appliances. Huiquan and other enterprises not only in the action, more in the kitchen industry hard work of private technology companies and leaders are also actions to improve the whole society on the understanding of energy saving kitchenware, cohesion, a concerted effort.

"Every influential technological innovation to the entire industry into new blood, Huiquan in energy-saving environmental protection innovation drive, bringing the kitchen equipment industry will be the new atmosphere and the trend of the formation, so that the kitchen industry in the The traditional large-scale manufacturing and low-cost marketing development path, open up new development path. " Insiders have such analysis.

Energy saving and environmental protection kitchen equipment

Energy saving and environmental protection kitchen utensils technology upgrading and widespread use, to expand the length of the kitchen equipment industry chain, opening up new markets. If you can brand, technology, products, services, marketing and other resources around the market and user needs to re-mix, expand the thickness of the kitchen industry chain and width. In the end, will become the traditional "a move to win" for now, "Zhao Zhao lead" to form a new competitive market point.

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