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Kitchen with a macro to remind you of the details of the restaurant kitchen decoration

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Kitchen with a macro to remind you of the details of the restaurant kitchen decoration
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We have many years experience in restaurant operation, and we can help famous restaurant planning and design, restaurant equipment, one-stop supply of high quality and better prices, complete variety of food and beverage supplies, fast delivery and timely supply, more food and cultural characteristics of service training, all for you resolve issues! Kitchen with a macro to remind you that there are many details of the restaurant kitchen decoration, if you do not pay attention to the late, then there will be many problems, kitchen with a macro to take you to see these should pay attention to the details.

details of the restaurant kitchen decoration

1. Countertops: fire, waterproof materials should be used to produce countertops. If you do cabinets, it is best to use the finished product. The height of the countertop should be determined by the height of the person who cooks at home. Usually the height of the console 80 to 85 cm; sides of the sink should generally have a length of 40 to 60 cm table, while for unplugged dishes placed while washing dishes; if the table is not in the kitchen, then The edge of the stove should also be set up a 40 to 60 cm long table, used to temporarily put just pan food. The back of the cabinet to do the water board, that is, the back of the table to be higher than some to prevent water flow to the back of the cabinet, the substrate expansion, resulting in cracking, loss and other imagination.

2. Top: The best hanging in order to facilitate scrubbing. Usually with PVC, aluminum plastic plate hanging ceiling. Note that anti-aging materials should be used, because the kitchen all day smoky, aging decoration materials fast.

3. Light: Chinese food is very particular about color, so the kitchen should be sufficient light, the night light enough to light, and the color of the light should be white, otherwise it will affect the color judgments, the food is not easy to master the furnace. But also to avoid the shadow of light, try not to spotlights.

4. Wall: the best use of ceramic tiles to the top, in order to facilitate scrub. Some residential, kitchen wall tiles only affixed to a height of 1.8 meters, which is not enough, need subsidies to the top.

5. The ground: the best choice of non-slip to the ground, and the joints should be small, in order to reduce the accumulation of dirt, easy to clean. Kitchen floor should be floor drain, so that the ground cleaning and drainage.

6. Range hood: restaurant decoration as fried, fried, cooked, fried, fumes more, so the range hood to choose power. On the market there is a range hood rack, you can put the range hood directly on top, very convenient, and its sides are made of glass or metal partitions, both to prevent oil droplets can also form a relatively closed Of the space, so that range hood row fumes more thoroughly. If necessary, you can also consider installing an exhaust fan to ensure that soot can be cleaned.

7. Refrigerator: the refrigerator must be designed in advance the location, so that the "working triangle" design is reasonable. Be careful not to let the refrigerator next to the sink, so as not to splash water.

details of the restaurant kitchen decoration

8 dining room: the kitchen should have a dining room, used to put tableware, to avoid utensils exposed. Kitchen pots and pans, bottles and jars and other items are both more and more complex, if exposed, easy to contaminate the oil, and difficult to clean, so the cabinet should be closed as possible; due to a variety of utensils, kitchen utensils of different sizes, such as large Spoon, teaspoons, glasses, chopsticks, etc., mixed together, take place very convenient, so the cabinet should do more separated, the best drawer is divided into different sizes cut off all kinds of utensils categorized storage, Convenient and neat.

9 sockets: kitchen appliances more and more, must be designed in advance of their reasonable location, and a good outlet. Should be noted that the refrigerator is best not to share a socket with other electrical appliances. Kitchen appliances, including: refrigerators, microwave ovens, food processing machines, rice cookers, range hoods, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, soya-bean milk maker, etc., should be installed according to their respective power socket, to avoid a wiring board at the same time Connected several high-power electrical situation. In addition, the socket is required to install leakage protection device.

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