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Kitchen with a macro information: commercial kitchen equipment gradually to the globalization trend

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Kitchen with a macro information: commercial kitchen equipment gradually to the globalization trend
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In recent years, the Chinese kitchenware industry to product structure to aesthetics, fashion, environmental protection, low energy consumption in the direction of evolution. Low value-added products must continue to withstand the impact of the domestic industry and a deeper level of competition. Low-carbon kitchen has risen to the country's energy strategy, kitchen with macro found at present the development trend of the commercial kitchen equipment is toward a high-end, energy-saving, intelligent and frequency development.

commercial kitchen equipment

1, high-end

With the rapid economic development, the service sector accounts for an increasing share of total domestic production, especially the hotel catering service industry is growing faster and faster, from the boutique hotel to tell the growth can be glimpse. The rapid development of hotel catering services, driven by the rapid development of the entire commercial kitchen equipment industry, and now the hotel, the pursuit of low-key luxury, the choice of kitchen tends to high-end.

2, intelligent

Intelligent, not only the development trend of commercial kitchen equipment, but also the development trend of the whole society, with the declining population, labor costs, recruitment difficult to become difficult to change the problem. Whether from the rigid conditions, or from the development of science and technology point of view, intelligent kitchen equipment is undoubtedly the development trend of business.

3, energy-saving

Needless to say, energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection can be described as a household word, the whole community to promote energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection, commercial kitchen equipment is no exception. In fact, commercial kitchen is a lot of people ignore the place, on the general commercial kitchen fried stove, the first day of a stove top carbon emissions on the 6 car carbon emissions. In terms of energy security strategy to consider, or should the requirements of energy-saving emission reduction, commercial kitchen sooner or later to regulate carbon emissions, and the US commercial induction cooker with its outstanding energy-saving effect, is bound to the future development trend of commercial kitchen equipment!

commercial kitchen equipment

4, frequency conversion

Frequency conversion technology, at present, is still relatively new technology, but the frequency conversion technology for its contact with the energy-saving effect, to fully utilize the power. In the future of commercial kitchen equipment in the application, will be a dark horse!

The next few years the Chinese kitchen market sales at an alarming rate of 15% rise. 20 years of deep plowing food and beverage hotel industry, creating an all-star industrial chain, the assembly of the world's high-quality resources, the provision of commercial kitchen, restaurant, hotel, hotel, restaurant, hotel, restaurant, hotel, One-stop supporting services. Hotline: 0086-21-58039888

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